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Welcome to 100% Pure Australian Honey

Ausbeez Honey

100% Pure Australian Honey

100% pure Australian Honey

100% pure Australian Honey

100% pure Australian Honey

About Us

Ausbeez honey comes from forests in New South Wales and Queensland. We are connecting people to nature and good health. We take pride in retaining the unique flavours of our raw honey through our chemical-free cold press extraction processes. We offer the purest natural healthy honey from source to shelf. The image we have around the world is of clean and safe environment.

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Honey Products


We offer wide range of our packaging options. If you would prefer your own custom packaging and labels. We have the expertise to assess your choice to meet your needs. We offer a wide range of packaging as follows;


Client 1


I tried so many brands for Honey. Some claim about pure honey and some claim about best price, i can say that this is definitely genuine and pure honey. Unlike other commercial brands.

Client 2


This has been a surprisingly good purchase. The honey is pure & of very high grade. I checked it before using it. It's simple - freeze it overnight & if the honey freezes to a solid then its not pure.

Client 3


Actually, I was looking for a pure, unprocessed, unheated and 100% raw honey. Auzbeez is the best and recommend.